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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

In Calgary we have a small theatre group that put on some pretty good productions, it is the Sage Theatre Group and the do their plays at the Pumphouse Theatre. The Pumphouse Theatre gains its name mainly for the fact it is built inside an old pumping station that was used to pump water from the Bow River to supply the North end of the city.

Hedwig is probably one of my favourite transvestite rock films, like always movies and plays show us a different world, one where a drag queen could become a famous punk rocker. However if that happened in this day and age ... well I am not sure how the world would react beyond find the band a gimmick.

I rather enjoyed this more than the film, since there was the interactiveness there, and the front part of the audience seating was set up like a casual music bar, tables and chairs and candles. Our table being near the front so we had what I would judge as the most fun.

* Pump House Theatre
* Song from "Hedwig and The Angry Inch"

Constant Season

So my friend Graeme is in the band Constant Season, last night I finally went to one of his shows to support him. Just to say, I was very impressed and the Marquee Room is a fun music venue that is for sure. I hope that the band becomes very successful, but not sell out level, just kinda a constant thing, almost like a spring or a fall you wish will never end. I am sure spring and fall have classification or something but I can't put my finger on it.

I have to say that I was a bit disappoint that Graeme and the Drummer didn't strip down to their undies, but Graeme always was a cock tease.

* Constant Season's MySpace Page (Hope to see some more songs there)
* Marquee Room's MySpace Page (some day they will have real websites)

(edited to fix spelling)

Graeme just recently told me not to listen to the music on their myspace page and to wait for them to release some newer tunes - Buck

Fruit Bottom

Saw this at the campus store, and thought "yeah, I feel like having a Fruit Bottom today", lame joke I know.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Veggin Out.

So right now I am going to try to become more vegetarian/anti deep fried eating habits. This is mainly for health reasons and also to get rid of that oily feeling that my skin gets after eating certain foods. I would eventually like to get rid of most fried foods and meats, with the exception of french fries since they are quite yummy.

Here is a list of exceptions however
  1. fish and most seafood
  2. game meat
  3. Non-"Organic" Foods
So I can not really say that I am reducing the meat in my diet for ethical reasons, however I do not believe that eating game meat is not as bad as eating farm meat. Since the game animals are in the wild a majority of their life as appose to a pen. I know of hard core meat eaters that will eat pen-meat, yet refuse to eat game meat. Since to them the source of game-meat is cuter and more majestic and farm animals are just a bunch of ugly fuckers and deserve to killed off anyways.

As for Organic food, I can understand most of the reason why one would eat organic food, but I believe that things like milk and juices should be pasteurize. I bet you the next epidemic bacteria will probably be because a lack of pasteurization, well as long as I am not a carrot juice drinking ballroom dancer I should be fine.

I have decided to start removing meat systematically, as appose to doing the whole lot cold turkey.

First thing up on the list. Beef.