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Thursday, January 17, 2008

News :: CPC Tells Campuses to Lower Prices

The Canadian Publishers Council (CPC) is suggesting to campus book stores to lower the prices on all text books. With the Canadian dollar being so strong, the CPC can see the only logical conclusion of passing on the savings to the student population. Already some campuses have followed suit, however SAIT's Book Store has yet to do so.

Site :: Wal-Mart Litigation Project

The Wal-Mart Litigation Project is to collect files on lawsuits against Wal-Mart, the purpose of the website is to aid lawyers in possible suits against Wal-Mart. However, going through the site as a non-lawyer is still entertaining just to see what people can get away with.

Video :: Boys Beware

Perusing the Internet Archive always leads to something interesting. This video here is an old educational video to warn young men about the dangers of homosexuals. Apparently homosexuality also seems to cause you to rape and murder young boys. Also, for a video that appears to be warning people about dangers, the music does seem a bit happy and cheerful.

Ultimate Showdown

Ultimate Showdown is a funny animation with action (and some non-action) heroes fighting to the death. At the bottom of the website two characters are randomly selected and you choose which is more likely to win.