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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New Vessel to Guide you Across Styx

In this day of name branding and widespread product, it seams that marketing knows no ends. Many times this leads to detrimental effects to the actual functionality of a product (IE an embroidery sewing machine that will only produce Disney characters, even thought the chip is perfectly capable of producing other patterns input from a machine).

Anyways it appears that the marketing people at Sanrio [or at least a company licensed by Sanrio] thought it would be a great idea to have Hello Kitty Tombsone. Yes that is right, the worlds most well recognized brand image character Hello Kitty, is now available to stand guard over you grave for thousands of years, probably made from plastic since it doesn't break down unlike those wimpy stone tombs.

Hello Kitty tombstone - Boing Boing