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Friday, May 2, 2008

Microfiche Earings - Craft Experiment

I have decided to try to get back in touch with my creative side, and thanks to my partner BJ taking me to FireEscape a couple weeks ago I felt that creative spark that I have been missing.

As I was going through my stuff for our move to Montreal, I came across a bag full of Microfiche. I remember saving a bunch of these when I clearing out some shelves at a warehouse I use to work at. Specifically these were from old parts manuals for tractors.

Anyways, one day, while procrastinating, I started cutting up the microfiche just for fun. All I used was a basic art knife (cut on self healing mat), spiral punch (Lee Valley Rocks for cool tools). The earing hooks were acquired from BeadWorks a couple blocks away. The aluminum rings where from my chain mail supplies that I acquired from The Ring Lord.

Oh and from the designs, you can probably guess I like video games. Especially classic look.

Tetris -With these ones I decided to do two shapes, to help illustrate the Tetrisness.

Space Invaders

Ok, so not a game based one. But my first ones I made.