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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Ice Man

Right now I am in the progress of a move from Calgary to Montreal, I was going to resist blogging until then. However Since currents events with Canadian Copyright Laws are really nagging in the back of my mind. I thought I would make an entry. 

Just to give you a bit of a brief synopsis here: There is a new Copyright Law currently in the works here in Canada and it is going and it is being passed by Jim Prentice of all people. This new law is not consumer friendly in any sense. Again our government is being pushed by big US industry (not Canadian Industry) to do its bidding. Further criminalizing people for finding ways to use technology to make their life easier. 

Big Industry loves free economies, because well people are free to do what they want with little consequences and if you are not ahead of the curve you wither and fade away. However when an industry gets too big, it doesn't like to adapt, it would like it better if people adapt to it. Er correction, the Government to adapt to it and punishing it's people for not following to what big industry wants.  To bad big kids, the little kids have found better toys, stop breaking them.

I am getting off track here, now let me ask you a simple question (Thanks to my friend Bobby for making this analogy) 

Do you remember the ice man?

No, well let me just remind you. Back in the old days there was a man that would go door to door selling ice. Why? because people had ice boxes, and they would put large bricks of ice in these boxes to keep their food cold.

Now why don't we have ice men anymore? that is right, because a newer better technology came along called refrigerators and plus with more and more houses getting electricity, even the furthest of houses no longer needed their ice man. However why didn't the government save the ice man? Because they were out dated. Same reason why they shouldn't save the big media industries. Just think of how silly it would be, making it illegal for people to use their refrigerator, or even sillier, make it illegal to take food from your fridge put it in a smaller more portable fridge, or take some food out of your fridge and put it into your friends fridge.

Now VCRs are pretty much at the end of their life, so before your VCR kicks the bucket you want to back up your tapes to DVD, oops sorry it is illegal, here is your 20,000 Dollar Fine and probably some Jail time as well. Oh and by the way, I think it is perverse and stupid that the fines for this law is a larger fine then speeding in a playground zone. Why? well let us see, Speeding in a Playground zone endangers lives, nabs you 500$ fine at most (depending on city and such). Copying your DVD to your iPod can nab you up to 20,000$ fine and time in Jail (you can possible loose your house and car as well). Yet people don't loose their right to drive for endangering lives.

Thank You Government of Canada for making everyday consumers more criminal then people who race on the street in residential neighbourhoods and drunk drivers. 

Also, Jim Prentice, I am disappointed in you. You listened to your constituents and voted in favour of the gay marriage bill, now you have become as spineless as the rest of the cabinet, plugging your ears and going "La La La La LA" when we try to talk to you. Way to go.

Gawd Damn I am on a angry streak this week. 

*image from flickr user williewonker.