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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mortal Combat Verse DC Universe

Announcer on TV: Coming up next, The Jetsons Meet the Flinstones.
Bart: Uh-oh, I smell another cheap cartoon crossover.
Homer: Bart Simpson, meet Jay Sherman, the film critic.
Bart: Hey man, I really love your show! I think all kids should watch it. (shudders, to himself): I suddenly feel so dirty! [source:Wikiquote]

I do really wish I was kidding about this, but it is true. It looks like Midway games in an attempt squeeze more life out of an already dead verse with the release Mortal Combat vs DC Comics.

From the looks of it, it is designed to be a serious thing. I am sorry, but I am from the realm that most crossovers are not suppose to be serious. Take for example Marvel vs Capcom 2, a 2D fighting game with nearly every character you can imagine from those series. And the plot, well there is no real plot, which is good, that means some poor writer out there has been saved the death sentence of having to write for a crossover.

I mean sure people, I for one would like to see Robin have a metal hook jab into his throat and drag across the room by Scorpion. However I don't believe that this wasn't part of the designers sitting around the table in a "Don't you think it would be cool" kind of conversation. More like "Look guys, either do this or not get paid" kind of conversation.

Sometimes, I really do hate marketing. Link. Via [Canadian-Shield]