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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Veggin Out.

So right now I am going to try to become more vegetarian/anti deep fried eating habits. This is mainly for health reasons and also to get rid of that oily feeling that my skin gets after eating certain foods. I would eventually like to get rid of most fried foods and meats, with the exception of french fries since they are quite yummy.

Here is a list of exceptions however
  1. fish and most seafood
  2. game meat
  3. Non-"Organic" Foods
So I can not really say that I am reducing the meat in my diet for ethical reasons, however I do not believe that eating game meat is not as bad as eating farm meat. Since the game animals are in the wild a majority of their life as appose to a pen. I know of hard core meat eaters that will eat pen-meat, yet refuse to eat game meat. Since to them the source of game-meat is cuter and more majestic and farm animals are just a bunch of ugly fuckers and deserve to killed off anyways.

As for Organic food, I can understand most of the reason why one would eat organic food, but I believe that things like milk and juices should be pasteurize. I bet you the next epidemic bacteria will probably be because a lack of pasteurization, well as long as I am not a carrot juice drinking ballroom dancer I should be fine.

I have decided to start removing meat systematically, as appose to doing the whole lot cold turkey.

First thing up on the list. Beef.